August 4, 2016 Jake McIntire

Why Ogden

If you live and work in Ogden right now, you can probably rattle off a dozen or so reasons to the “why Ogden”

question without pause. Here are our answers to why we feel UNION and Ogden are perfect for one another.

• Ogden is Utah’s second-most urban city and has a great deal of infrastructure, history, and growth

opportunities that are in alignment with current trends in urbanism. Other cities are starting to look

toward Ogden as an icon for smart growth.

• Most importantly, Ogden is deep into the process of undergoing a massive identity shift,

demonstrated by a citywide rebranding effort. The city is transforming away from the blighted half

suburb half urban city it has been in recent decades and into a thriving and vibrant urban hub.

This is made evident through the stunning increase in occupied buildings along 25th Street and

Washington Boulevard in Ogden’s downtown. As Ogden grows, we are seeing development expand

into new parts of the city, such as the River Front, Jefferson Historic District, the Junction, Business

Depot Ogden, The Exchange Project, and now Kie sel Avenue. Initiatives like the Bicycle Master

Plan and Master Plan for Arts and Culture are further evidence that Ogden City is growing up and

taking big strides toward being a cool and vibrant city.

• UNION Industrial Coworking fills a major market need in Ogden, Utah and also meets much

larger market demands. Our immediate reach will be Weber and Davis Counties, but our reach

and draw will include all of Northern Utah and beyond. Our marketing strategy has and will create

a network of support and customers with international reach. In addition to our top priority of

serving the existing Ogden community, we will act as a magnet that pulls creative talent to the city.

Ogden’s passion to become a vibrant urban hub is evidenced by the City’s renewal efforts and has already

attracted a high number of manufacturing initiatives.