Sponsorship can take the form of investing in one of our several membership types to allow individuals or groups within your company or sponsored by your civic or socially minded group or club.  This is a direct and potent way to do community good and moving your organization’s social and economic objectives forward. Just like Autodesk, Makerversity Ogden City, and the National Endowment for the Arts, you can support UNION by providing expertise, materials, equipment, supplies, introductions and your time.

Whether big or small, your support is key to making UNION come to life!

Endowments and naming opportunities are possible and available.

We are ready to receive your Program Related Investment from your Family Foundation to further your philanthropic objectives for education, the arts and economic stImUlus right here in Ogden. Forbes Magazine has outlined how PRI’s can benefit the foundation, the for-profit, socially minded organization and the community and primary focus of the foundation. Read the article here.


UNION has received a fantastic amount of support from individuals, companies, and organizations from across the region. Ogden mayor, Mike Caldwell has personally endorsed UNION as a crucial component of Ogden’s redevelopment plans and Ogden City’s Director of Community and Economic Development voices his unanimous support by urging community members to “Get your good idea off the shelf” at UNION!

We are actively pursuing support in the form of investment (equity and debt) in-kind contributions, sponsorships (some with naming privileges), corporate and endowed premium and enterprise memberships, mentorship and collaboration.

UNION’s Enterprise (Business/Corporate) memberships allow your organization to send select employees and/or teams to access our hardware, software and collaborative resources at significant savings and with additional benefits, services and programs tailored to your needs.  As your staffing or strategic mission evolves UNION can facilitate new product development, team development and collaboration.

Your Enterprise membership provides for sending individuals or teams to our Development Lab program to define, perfect, and launch your new product or their business (even if it’s not maker centric).

To learn more about options for your organization please contact us at development@unionogden.com.

We are currently in conversation with several noteworthy organizations to develop and finalize content partnerships as well as various financial support methods.

As made evident by the diversity of groups supporting the development of UNION, our concept resonates with people from all over, but especially in Ogden. There is clearly a high level of need and demand for a facility like UNION in Ogden, and we have found an incredibly opportune time and the perfect team to execute on our vision. The following are a few examples of the support we have received from people in Utah and beyond.

“I would like to express my support for Union and its proposed makerspace. UNION’s makerspace will serve many communities. It will provide entrepreneurs with a place to develop and proof their product designs, using equipment that might otherwise be out-of-reach. Startups will be able to keep small-scale production costs down while they establish their businesses. Residents who tinker in their garages will have a new creative outlet and some may turn a hobby into a livelihood. Students will get hands-on experience with tools and processes that are critical in fields ranging from sculpture to pipefitting. Union’s makerspace and programming will bring together these diverse members, fostering collaboration and innovation. The end result will be an important driver for Ogden’s creative culture and economy.”

Sara Meess, Ogden City Economic Development, Ogden


“As a local business owner I frequently require advance tool and machine capabilities for my industrial design customers. I normally am required to find outside contractors (often out of state) to deliver prototyping services for my projects. Outsourcing this way usually involves substantial lead times and expense. I can readily see how UNION INDUSTRIAL COWORKING will increase my business capabilities and help unleash creative solutions through the streamlining of the developmental and prototyping phases of my projects. Having access to the capabilities of UNION INDUSTRIAL COWORKING will increase my efficiency greatly, by allowing me to mechanically and aesthetically iterate in real time. In my design process this helps provide additional insights to a products form and assembly based on firsthand hand experience with the various manufacturing methods currently available.

Additionally the public access provided for in your plan gives small businesses like my self opportunities for much needed exposure and opportunities to present and share our skills with the community. This artistic openness will bring an exciting new level of creative and collaborative energy to the downtown Ogden area. I believe the type of creative culture UNION INDUSTRIAL COWORKING promises is ideal for fostering, in a synergistic way, the creative talents that reside in us all.”

James Argo, Industrial Designer/Owner GraphMech LLC, Ogden UT


“Ogden is lacking a place where one can go get help and use tools to create something they either need or have always wanted…to have that along with help from other people to learn the right way to do it would be awesome”

Kevin Boyer, Outdoor recreation Guru and future member Ogden UT

“UNION is an exciting and transformative project led by an inspirational, talented and committed entrepreneur in Jake McIntire. It presents a wonderful opportunity for further cutting edge economic development in Ogden city and the wider area. Having reviewed Jake’s business plans for UNION, I feel certain he is streets ahead of almost all makerspaces in the U.S. He is structuring UNION as a sustainable enterprise through a diversified model of multiple revenue streams – something I can attest to being extremely important in this sector.”

Tom Tobia, Makerversity, London


“The hardest part of post art school is the lack of tools and space to work in. It’s a large investment that some may not be able to afford right out of college. The UNION Industrial Coworking space will make it affordable and accessible. This is great for the community and will help the Ogden artist gain an edge and provide the tools for success.”

Venessa Gromek, Artist, Ogden


“I have worked with individuals at makerspaces in the past, but Jake’s plans go far beyond simply a makerspace. Jake imagines a comprehensive space that will not only allow individuals to come experiment, invent, and create, but his vision also includes engagement with the community and an environment that will stimulate the creativity of students. I not only welcome Jake’s vision but I fully support it, endorse it, and want to be part of what he is doing.

Phil Hazur, Ed Tech Learning and BoomStartups Salt Lake City UY