The Third Industrial Revolution starts with access to tools, equipment, technology and training.  Successful innovation begins with access to these elements that otherwise would be way beyond the reach of virtually everyone.

Our equipment includes specialty state-of-the art machines that are specific to the ‘shop’ in which they are located.

Tech Lab:
Design software by Autodesk
Computers (desk top and tablet) by Microsoft
3 D printers
CNC router
Laser cutter
Large format printer
Vinyl cutter
Vacuum and thermoforming tools

Metals Lab:
MIG welders
TIG welders
Plasma cutter
Mill/lathe combo
Sandblast cabinet
Miter saw
Kick sheer

Wood Shop:
Table and band saws
Drill press

Textile & Print Lab:
Multi-color screen printer
Hear press
Sewing machines
Dark room


Each specific area and our general work area is complete with the tools and consumables required to produce finished products be they prototypes or made to order production pieces. Examples include vices, anvils, sanders, drills, hand tools, stools and well-lit work tables.

Prior to operating any equipment members must be both safety and competency certified.  Successful membership application and completion of these certifications enables member to access certified areas on a 24/7 basis.

Skill development and advanced technique classes and workshops are offered throughout the month to help members develop competencies and collaborations.

Our experienced shop staff are available during office/public open hours to assist with techniques, alternatives and solutions.

Our advanced equipment can be reserved by members (and the public) to complete fabrication jobs as required to move our member’s projects to completion.