“Get your good idea off the shelf!”

Tom Christopulos, Director,
Community & Economic Development, Ogden City

Membership & Ammenities

Launch a new product or company, undertake a major project, pursue your hobby, learn a new skill, or try new things.  Your participation in UNION is our lifeblood.  We have created memberships for all these reasons.  

Your success and satisfaction is our mission. Similar spaces have elected for a membership base that equates to 50-80 members per square foot. We have chosen to increase our square footage per member to 120 in order to provide each member with larger amount of workspace.

With only 60 full time memberships available, UNION’S access to the equipment, space, training and opportunities to start your own maker business is EXTREMELY LIMITED.  

Founding memberships are available so you can save your place at Ogden’s innovative and unique makerspace.  More information and your founding member application can be found here.   

10 Enterprise memberships are available and allow a business, non-profit organization or club to send individuals or teams to define and solve problems, perfect competencies, and take advantage of opportunities.  Enterprise memberships also provide access to our Business Development Lab to non-maker businesses who desire to create, plan and launch their successful business.

Securing your membership opportunity can be accomplished in two ways.

  1. You can simply ‘reserve’ your spot placing you on our priority membership list.  When we ready to open we will notify those on this list in the order we received their reservation request.
  2. You can provide a one month payment for the membership type you desire and an office space if you desire.  This places you on our preferred reservation list that guarantees your spot based on your reservation date.  Members on this list have sequential first choice on membership and office location.  The one month payment is FULLY REFUNDABLE at any time prior to opening.

    If you like you can reserve and pre pay for an entire year and get 12 months for the price of 11.

All membership requests require completing our application.

Founding Member Opportunities

  # Monthly Cost Annual Cost SAVINGS
Premium 60 $250 $2,750 $250
Enterprise 10 $1,000 $11,000 $1,000
Basic 20 $100 $1,100 $100
Office 30 $230 $2,510 $250




Make up the majority of our members and are required to undergo an application process to insure they are in alignmnet with our mission and values and to help us select members with an eye toward growing their craft into a viable, Ogden made, business. Memberships are available to companies and organizations wishing to secure team memberships to access equipment their company does not have, a fresh place to innovate, personal/professional developmetn, and the perfect environemnt to conceptualize and create protottyes or new products. These memberships are also an excellent way for companies to provide access to UNION’s work areas and business development coponents to their partners and customers. Memberships provide weekend or evening access to the community and serves as a low-barrier way for interested makers to “test drive” UNION. An effective method for those working part-time on their crative endeavor. Basic memberships are maintained at a relatively low level to avoid overcrowding and to ensure a high quality members base.


Members are those who might not be interested in taking part in our maker activities but still want to make sure UNION THRIVES!


We provide a full range of amenities to allow our members to create their perfect workspace and experience.   They are designed to help members build their business in the most professional manner possible.  Amenities include:

  • Private studios and desks
  • Storage lockers
  • Phone booths to conduct business and pleasure
  • 24/7 Keyless entry
  • Mail Boxes
  • Member lounge and patio with fresh hot coffee for meeting, collaborating, relaxing and making a enjoying a snack.
  • High speed internet
  • Reduced price and free access to our meeting spaces
Type Quantity Cost/mo. Description
Studio 15 $235 10 x 20 providing privacy, security & presence
Desk 30 $100 For admin & production. Cleaner & quieter
Locker 30 $10 Storage, security and convenience
Mail Box 20 $5  

These attractive amenities will be snapped up quickly.  They can be reserved with a one month, fully refundable pre-payment.

Founding pricing and pre sales are scheduled to end February 28, 2017 so act now before we’re sold out!

Here’s an overview of the membership types available at UNION!